One Day Down...

First I want to thank all of you who left me well wishes, texts, emails and encouraging words today, my first day back to work.

Steve had scheduled a doctor's appointment in Nashville at 9:45, so he, Jenna, Kylie and Katie all loaded up and made the trip.  As it notoriously is with doctor offices, the wait was a little long and Kylie got a bit cranky but overall the trip wasn't too bad.

After lunch and an unsuccessful attempt at an afternoon nap, this is what they ended up doing...
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They joined several of our good friends (Yanceys and Pulfreys) for some pool fun with the kiddos.  Kylie much prefers big pool fun (more to come on that in a future post) but it was a nice change of pace and got Steve and them out of the house for a little while.

Meanwhile, I woke up this morning with a raging headache.  I spent some time last night moving and backing up lots of photos (very behind on this) and actually had the headache when I went to bed.  It just never went away.  I took Advil before I left the house, but I still didn't have much of an appetite for breakfast. 

Work was pretty good considering it is work.  :)  I spent some of the morning unpacking my office (I had packed prior to leaving because we thought our office would be moving while I was out on leave) and then most of the day I sifted through the more than 600 emails.  I had several visitors to welcome me back but mostly nobody tried to give me any work to do.  :)  But the best thing of all was when this little surprise arrived.
These are from my sweet friend Lucinda!  She knew they would brighten my day and she was right!  They really lighten the office and made being at work a little easier.

My sweet friend, Elizabeth S. brought us dinner tonight, so I walked in, put my stuff down and went to grab my girls for a squeeze and dinner showed up!  It was perfect timing.  And it was yum!  It was such a relief for Steve not to have to worry about dinner on top of everything else.

Kylie was happy as could be to see me and she actually seemed quite a bit more bonded to Jenna.  So I think things are going as well as could be expected.

So for those of you who thought of me today, whether you emailed or texted or messaged me or not, THANK YOU.  I couldn't have made it without you!

PS.  Jenna blogged today so be sure and check it out here.

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