Kylie's Sees Us!

When we first met our Kylie back in August 2011, we sent a care package which had a disposable camera in it.  We also sent a photo album of us and asked her caregivers to talk to her about us.  When we arrived at the orphanage, we received the disposable camera back and once home, I had the photos developed. 

Here are two I thought I'd share...
 Do you see?  She has our photo album!  And she's looking at Jenna!  I love love love this picture!!!
This one is a picture of us.  For some reason, we didn't get this photo album back and I forgot to ask about it until we had left the orphanage.  I am so sad we weren't able to get it.  So if you are out there and traveling to Liangyungang anytime soon, let me know!  LOL!

At least we know she saw it once.  I'm not sure when this photo was taken but it was before December since that's when her cleft was fixed.  I'm so glad to have these..

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