Say What??

Sorry I didn't update sooner, but the ear tube surgery went well.  We had to get up super early (like 4:30am!) to be at the surgery center at 6:00.  We weren't sure how Kylie would feel to be woken up so early but she was actually in a pretty good mood.  She wasn't allowed to have breakfast (or anything after midnight) but since she doesn't eat that early anyway, so it didn't bother her in the least.

We arrived at the surgery center right at 6:00 and they took us back before I finished the paperwork.  They took her vitals and we put her little gown on.  Since Steve had Katie, he stayed in the waiting room and Jenna went back with me.  By the time we started changing her clothes, Kylie knew something was going on, but I wasn't going to get the moment pass without documenting how cute she was in her hospital gown.  She put on her best pout for the picture!
Within 15 minutes, they came to give her some "drink" to make her relaxed so she wouldn't freak out when they took her from me.  She took it like a trooper (she usually takes meds great) and within a few minutes, the pout was gone...
Apparently it was some good stuff.  I'd give my right arm to have whatever it was for nighttime!  They took her back right at 7:00 and she never acted like she cared (she probably didn't).  At 7:15, the doctor came out and said he was done.  She did fine of course.  There was a LOT of fluid in her ears which he suctioned out.  He gave us post-op instructions and within another 10 minutes, they had called us back.  They warned me that Kylie would be cranky coming out of the gas, and they were right.

Kylie is many times not a happy waker-upper so coming out of anesthesia (no matter how minor it is) was unpleasant.  She just wasn't comfortable.  She was thirsty and that played in our favor because she had to drink something before they'd release us.  They let us go right about 8:00.  We dropped Jenna off at school and started for home.  I felt like we'd been up for hours and it was barely daylight!

The ride home was quite unpleasant since we had a long drive and she was just not happy.  We fed her some snacks but when her favorite cookies were gone, she really wasn't having anything else.  When we got home we immediately fed her breakfast which she scarfed down.  We gave her a little Tylenol for any pain she might experience and put her down for a nap about 10am.

Steve and I took the opportunity to try and catch up on some rest as well.  I didn't sleep well the night before for a variety of reasons so I took the chance when I had it.  We woke up at 11:15 and Steve went up to the church to do some work.  I laid in the bed a while thinking Kylie would be waking up any minute.  Well...by noon, I got up myself and peeked in her room.  This was what I saw....
BLESS!  So I went downstairs and did some stuff.  Steve brought lunch home and finally Kylie woke up about 1:00.  She was a much happier camper then.  She ate a great lunch and played for the rest of the afternoon.  She went to bed pretty well but at 4am this morning woke up and Steve had to go spend about 30 minutes getting her settled down again.  It was my morning to take Jenna to school so at 6am when I went to get her out of bed, I looked in and Kylie was standing up in her bed watching the door.  So, our day today started early!

We go back in 3 weeks for a check up and a hearing eval.  Other than that, we are already seeing a happier Kylie.  Her balance seems better so we'll see if she starts walking soon.  I'm glad this piece is over...

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Julie said...

Sounds like she did great!! The waking up is so hard. I remember that with Will, so tough!