May Photo Shoot

I had a quick chance to get a few new photos of Kylie a week or so ago.  She was in a particularly good mood and cooperated and I tried a few different settings on my camera.
Kylie has been running a fever for the past several afternoons and it's made her REALLY cranky and whiny.  So whiny that I wasn't sure Steve or I could take much more.

Luckily, yesterday she didn't run a fever and was in a spectacular mood.  And of course, these pictures were taken before it all started.
We are really starting to see her personality come out when she's not cranky.  It's hard knowing the reasons for the crankiness when your child gets dropped in your life at a year old.  We have tried to think about what we do differently each day but ultimately, it is just about her getting more and more comfortable with us.
She is crawling very well now and starting to explore on her own.  Both of which show her comfort level is improving.
She especially likes looking out the door to the deck and playing on the air vent.  She likes when the air (or wind) blows in her face. 
And yes, I notice that I have a penchant for black and white.  I don't know why but I'm trying to get more into color.  But for May...you get mostly black and white!


Julie said...

How adorable are those by the door! Such a sweet face (even the pouty face)!

Debbie Sauer said...

Precious baby girl! Blessings