Tennessee Patchwork

Tuesday night, Jenna participated in the 4th Grade production of a play called Tennessee Patchwork.

Jenna had two parts in the play.  The first was an Elvis fan.  You can barely see her here and she had no lines except screaming...but you know, at 10 years old, even the smallest part is a BIG deal!
This is her in her outfit before the show.  Not sure why the picture is a little blurry.  Guess I should have used my flash but at least you get the idea.
There were lots of cute Tennessee characters in the play...for example...
Davy Crockett

Johnny Cash (who sang "I walked the line")

Reba McEntire

Minny Pearl
Jenna played a modern kid named Sissy.  Sissy and her family are on a vacation to the Music City...
Jenna put together her own "modern" outfit and looked really cute.  Here she is in action (literally!)

She did great as did ALL the kids and the teachers who put this all together.  I'm so proud of my little fourth grader!!!

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