I can't believe I haven't gotten to post this until now, but I blame "baby brain".  A few weeks ago, my sweet work team threw me a shower for Kylie.  Work has been crazy busy so it's no small feat that my team managed to pull it off.

Instead of the traditional shower, they did a book shower!  I honestly wasn't sure what to expect but it ended up being SO cute!  Dr. Seuss themed...
The cake was delicious and yes, Kylie enjoyed a bite or two as well!  That could have been why she didn't sleep that night... (just kidding!)
So many of my team members were there and it was really nice to see them again after being gone for more than a month.

We got SO many books and out of ALL of them, none were duplicates...either of what we already have or what someone else gave.  How unbelievable is that!?
I have started reading to Kylie almost every day.  She could care less and is not going to sit still long enough to listen to a book but I read while she play in her room.  We do a Bible story, then a Dr. Seuss book (my favorite is Fox in Socks) and then another Bible book.

I've been at my company for 14 years in June and these folks have become like family to me.  Many of them are friends as well as co-workers.  I'm so thankful for a team like this.

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Julie said...

I LOVE the idea of a book shower. How sweet, and how cute.
We're having trouble sitting still for books too. Someday, right?