Tomorrow is my first day back to work after nearly 11 weeks of being off.  Jenna is out of school and Steve is staying home with the girls for the summer.  Pray for all of us.  This is another adjustment for me although I've been through it once before, it was quite different 11 years ago.  Steve is now a stay at home daddy to TWO girls one of who is FAR from self sufficient.  This is very different from his summers at home with Jenna.  And then there is Jenna.  Summers were pretty laid back and she and Steve went and did whenever they wanted.  This is different and her desires are going to be tempered with naptime and Kylie's overall mood.  It'll be different for her too.

And lastly, don't forget about Kylie.  She has bonded very well with me the last few weeks and so now I'm sure she's going to be wondering where this woman is all day.  Being that she has a history of being abandoned, we are expecting some level of regression, but praying it doesn't happen.

So anyway, think of me tomorrow...

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Julie said...

Lots of prayers for you tomorrow! And all of you this summer. Kylie will be so excited to see you at the end of every day, at least that's how it works here :)