Kylie's Early Days

I thought I posted these before, but I can't find them.  So if I did, just pretend I didn't.  And if I didn't...well here you go!

When we picked Kylie up, we received a memory book that Half the Sky had done as part of their program.  Unfortunately, it's in Mandarin and we are still trying to find someone to translate it that won't charge us $400!  But the pictures are priceless to us and so I thought I'd share..

These are the first photos of her after coming to the orphanage (gee, writing this I sure do feel like I posted this before!!!)

Look at her little hand and foot prints!  So sweet!!!

More of her as a little baby.  Priceless.


Katelyn said...

i definitely don't think i've read this! sweet photos.

Julie said...

The pictures look new to me :) LOVE that you get to see her when she was so small! And I love those handprints!