A Belated Mother's Day

I sure did mean to post yesterday but the day didn't go exactly as planned.  Kylie has been getting up earlier than she needs to which makes her super cranky.  Steve meant to take care of her all day to give me a little time to do what I wanted to do but neither of us do whiny, so I spent some part of the day giving Steve a break.

It was an awful rainy day, so I didn't get a single picture of me and my kids.  That's disappointing now that I realize it but I do have this one from our photo shoot a few weeks ago.
I did end up getting time to clean off my scrap booking table which was covered with China trip stuff.  I also got Jenna's straight and we scrapbooked for like 10 minutes.  Which is the equivalent to half a page for me but hey, it's progress!  I had a quick errand to run and I got to do that while Kylie and Steve napped.

I also got several very nice Mother's Day gifts which I love.  Kylie is too little to know much yet, but I absolutely adore Jenna's home made gifts...
This is me.  Jenna drew it in art and they made it into a pin.  The 3 hearts represent her, Kylie and Steve.  I love the detail.

Speaking of detail....look at the bricks in the turret.  Something else she made.  Jenna really is pretty artistic...

And then this is the gift from Steve.  When I got pregnant with Jenna, I got a diamond necklace with two hearts.  Now my heart has expanded to three!

Mother's day is typically a bit bittersweet for me since I lost my mother and mother in law.  I thought I might post a few pics of my mom since we got a new scanner...
This was right before they went to some type of Christmas program.  I think around 1986 or so?  One of the best pictures of my mom.  They rarely went out, so this was a treat.

I can't remember where this picture was found, but I love the pictures of my mom when she was young.  There aren't many of them since her parents died when she was young.  I am guessing she's about 6 in this picture.

This is the way I remember my mom most.  She hated being in pictures and honestly, she wasn't that photogenic if she wasn't posing (see above).  But in my mind, this is the essence of her.  Always appreciative of all her gifts...check out that ashtray.  YUCK.  Both mom and dad quit smoking eventually, but ughhhhh..
I got a call from my stepson Chase and a text from my stepdaughter Micah.  So all in all, the day was a great one!  The weather was less than desirable, but the day was good.  I enjoyed my first mother's day as a mom of 2 (or 4 depending on how you count it!).  And I loved my cards and gifts.  It was a good day.  I'm thankful for my girls, no matter how hard life is right now with a new person in the house.

So to all of you out there...mothers, stepmoms, grandmoms, surrogate moms, adoptive moms, belly moms, single moms and those who are moms in waiting...my hat is off to you.  The job is hard and so many times thankless...but OH SO WORTH IT.

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