Busy Thursday

Yesterday, since Kylie woke up early, Steve and I packed up and trekked down to the social security office to try and get Kylie a card.  I wasn't sure what exactly we needed or what to expect in terms of timing, so I basically took every piece of paper from the adoption that I had.

Kylie fell asleep on the way so Steve parked and let me go in.  I only had to wait about 15 minutes and they called me up.  I had everything they needed and in 10 more minutes they said the card would arrive next week and I was on my way!  Super easy!  Shout of to the SSA office!  (I know, weird right?)

Then, it was off for an early lunch.  I joke that Steve and I have turned into senior citizens because we eat lunch at 10:30 and dinner at 3:30!  But we had Kylie's first visit with our pediatrician at 11:30 so we had no choice.

We made it to the pediatrician's office at 11:30 on the dot and they took us right back.  We have the most marvelous doctor and nurse IN. THE. WORLD.  Kylie has only gained 1 pound since we returned from China which bothered me since she eats like there's no tomorrow.  However, the doctor isn't concerned because her palate makes it tough and she thinks she'll catch up.  She was pleased with how she looked, acted and the sounds she was making.

She is going to get the early intervention paperwork going for her speech and development and also a referral for her eyesight since as far as we know, it was not tested.  Based on what she saw of her palate (though she is not a plastic surgeon), she thinks we'll end up with three surgeries...one for the palate, one for the nose/lip revision and some oral surgery and orthodontia.  Fun times.  But overall, given the situation, she thinks she looks great.  We are blessed that her palate is really her only challenge.

Unfortunately, Kylie was up for 5 vaccinations.  They took her and held her so I didn't have to be the "bad guy".  She didn't even whimper when the first shot went in but started crying when they pushed the medicine in.  Then she cried through the other 4 (which went super fast because, again, we have the BEST nurse and doctor in the world).  The minute they let her up, she was fine and was smiling.

We go back in 3 months for her 18 month visit.  Until then, we are focused on the palate surgery.

After the doctor visit, we did some errands and then headed to my office to visit for a bit.  Several folks who had not seen Kylie before got to see her and I got a minute to talk to my boss and co-worker.  It was so nice to have some adult conversation that didn't have to do with baby stuff.  I miss it and my team.  I sometimes feel guilty because I'm not the best stay at home mom, but our life is what it is. 

We headed over to get Jenna and then home.  Luckily, Kylie slept on the way home but between that and the earlier nap in the car, it only amounted to about 1 1/2 hours and she'd gotten up nearly 2 hours earlier than normal.  By the time we got home, she was pretty cranky.  I don't know if it's because of the shots or the lack of sleep.  But I ended up holding her out until almost 7:30 (normal bedtime is 8pm) and then she was down for the count.   We gave her another dose of Tylenol since it was very clear her little legs were sore.

Now, here's looking forward to another quiet weekend.  This coming week is the 2 week mark of when I go back to work.  I can't believe the time is almost here.  This 11 weeks seems so much longer than the 11 weeks I took with Jenna.  Although I bet time has a way of making that look differently.

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