4th Grade Breakfast

Last Tuesday, the 4th graders had their farewell breakfast.  At Jenna's school, 4th grade marks the end of elementary school and 5th grade begins middle school (stop. breathe. I have a middle schooler.)  It was a very delicious breakfast.
Jenna was especially thrilled.  :)  Actually, she really was excited. 
After everyone had eaten the kids went up and showed off a little of the memorization they had done all year in Bible class.  I was pretty impressed...
But then let me just tell you how those kids blew me out of the water...for each letter of the alphabet, they have memorized a verse in the Bible starting with the letter.  That means Jenna has in her head, and heart, more verses than I do.  The video is about 6 minutes long and I'm sure no one else cares to listen to the whole thing, but listen to a bit...it's not all the verses, but hearing these kids will really impress and bless you!

And so this is why we choose Christian education for our children.  While we fully believe it is the responsibility of the family to teach Christian values to their kids, it is wonderful to have school come alongside us in that. 

Even more, I'm so proud of my girl.  It's been a crazy year for her and she has practically SHINED.  I can't wait to see the young woman God is molding her into.

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