Progress Update

I thought I'd take a minute to update everyone on what Kylie has been up to.  She's made so much progress in a few weeks that I am afraid I'll forget if I don't document it.

Kylie is crawling like a champ.  She is still taking a few steps, but not toddling yet.  I have taken her to the church nursery and stayed with her.  This is easy since I usually work in there.  She likes all the new toys and things in there.  She's very comfortable especially with me being in there.

She is still eating quite well.  She eats an entire packet of oatmeal and 1/2 a banana at breakfast.  We were feeding her snacks twice a day between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, but she's like her mama in that snacks ruin her meal time.  Lunch is not her favorite meal and she usually doesn't eat until late (like 1pm) and even then she doesn't eat much.  But that means, dinnertime is usually a hit.  We have transitioned her to whole milk from 2% (since she wouldn't drink whole when we first came home).  She likes milk, chocolate milk, water, Gerber juice etc.  As far as WHAT she eats, she eats just about everything we do.  Some meals aren't easily adaptable to her so we feed her some lunch meat or ravioli instead.  We haven't found much the child doesn't like.  She has begun feeding herself.  We try to just allow her to do that when it's not a super messy meal, but once she decides she wants to do it, it is hard to dissuade her.  If it's something that will stick to her spoon (oatmeal, mashed potatoes etc.), she can get it in...most everything else falls off.  She will pick up finger foods and feed herself.  She will hold her sippy cup but she prefers if we do it.  We continue to do it because we feel that's part of the attachment process.

She says mamamamama and will repeat it if we say it to her, but not much else (that we can understand at least).  She shouts at Katie and Jenna if they are doing something.  It sounds something like "MA!"  She understands quite a bit of what we say and will obey commands.  For example, she knows, "Sit on your bottom" and "Wanna go?" and "Want another cookie?"  She signs more, milk, and we are working on cookie, drink, and hot.  She can blow kisses and "give sugar" and it is quite sweet.

Her sleeping is usually pretty good.  She goes down at 8pm on the dot and I or Steve rock her until she's good and asleep, typically about 20 minutes.  Then we put her in the crib.  She sometimes wakes up if she gets crooked in the bed, turned over and can't get back or uncovered.  Some nights she'll whine in the night and we'll go in and fix whatever is wrong.  Some nights, we don't hear a peep.  Some mornings she wakes up at 6:00am and we try to make her stay in bed until at least 7pm because she needs the rest.  Most days she will do that and now even if she's awake at 6, she'll lay quietly until 7 or 7:30.  A few mornings she'll sleep soundly all the way up until 7:30.  Even at 16 months, those mornings we wake up and wonder if she's still breathing.  :)

She was napping about 10:30 and then again at 2:30 each for an hour and 15 or so.  However, after a bout with what we think was roseola (super whiny with fever then random rash on trunk and face), she has dropped a nap.  Now, given, this week has been crazy so it might be that if we were at home, she'd take both naps, but right now it's just one for an hour or hour and half. 

She has really started to show her personality and she truly is generally happy.  She has gotten to where she'll just giggle and laugh when she thinks something is funny.  And boy when we are out in public, she knows how to turn on the charm.  Everyone that has met her just goes on and on about her.  She's a charmer for sure.  Her hair is getting long in random places, so we put tiny barrettes in it and that just adds to the cuteness.  She is a mess and after many weeks of  struggling to feel attached to her, it's coming way easier now.

So that's where we are...more to come!

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