Remember this:

And this:
And then this:
Well, we ended up not using the frog tape but using regular painters tape, sealing it tightly and painting away from the tape with a brush instead of a roller.  This time we were smart and didn't paint the entire stripe, but just a little portion and then checked to see the outcome.   And you know what? 


I was ultra frustrated so we had our friend who is a professional house painter come in.  He told us we'd have to paint over the stripe with primer, then retape and paint it with the wall color (which was custom mixed and we had no more of) and then after it was sealed, paint the pink stripe.


Now the nice thing is he cut a little piece of the green base coat out of the wall for us so at least we can get the right color to cover the stripe.  But that sure did seem like a lot of work.  And to be honest, the more I looked at that stripe, the more I hated it.  Now it could be because it gave us so much trouble, but when I started looking for ideas and pictures online, you never see just this solitary horizontal stripe.  There's always stripes flanking it or another design.

We thought about fixing the stripe and then painting a light blue stripe (to match the color in the fabric) on top and bottom, but again, seems like a lot of trouble and I wasn't sure I was in love with that idea either.

Because I have NO decorating sense at all (those of you who have seen my home know what I'm talking about...it's just not my gift), I started looking at pictures online.  And you know what?  It seems more people are just painting the room a solid color and either using decals or other decorating accents to color up the room.

Now, THIS is what we are thinking...no pink stripe and...

This would go over her bed.  It was of course say Kylie and be in different colors, but you can customize, so not sure what colors...probably darker pink.

Then this around the entire room:

I can also get this with more pink than brown in the background, but there is brown in the fabric and I ended up getting a little brown trip for the shade and think it would really look good.

And then maybe these scattered about the room:
Again, the sizes might be different and maybe different colors.  I don't want to overdo the brown, but there are so many colors in the fabric that I could probably do several.  However, I don't want to introduce too many colors either. 

But who knows.  Because I have not an ounce of creativity in me when it come to this, it might just look awful.  We could likely get rid of the dots all together and do something else.  I really like these name things...

And I know I can make them myself but...yeah.  Not gonna happen.  Any takers out there?  Who want to do this for me?  Come on...know you want to.

So stay tuned...you never know what might happen in this room!

And by the way, if you haven't bought your iPad tickets, you need to do it NOW!  You are running out of time! (in the spirit of the old Chaos ride from Oprland...YOUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT!)


Christy said...

Please move quickly to the PayPal, your time is running out!--Sorry, I just couldn't resist. I say that to my kids all the time!

Sandra said...

Only us Opryland fans will remember...ahhhh...CHAOS.