Just wanted to remind you all that I still have LOTS of t-shirts to sell!  I bought 150 of them up front and I have to get rid of them (lest all the homeless in Nashville will be wearing them!).  If you haven't bought one already, let me know.  You can purchase over in the right toolbar or you can pay me directly.

They are great t-shirts and would make a great last minute Christmas gift!

Speaking of t-shirts, that's a perfect segueway into something I really want to share with you today.  Yesterday, my friend Katelyn and I had our first annual Christmas lunch and exchanged our gifts.  If you don't remember, Katelyn is not only the designer of these awesome shirts, but also is the beautiful model wearing the shirts.  Anyway, she gave to me Kylie's first Christmas gift...

This picture doesn't do the colors justice, but I'm too lazy to break out the good camera.  They are little colorful elephants strung together.  They are actually made in India, but the bright colors reminded Katelyn of China (she traveled to China this Spring on a trip long before either of us knew that country would become special to me).  I can't wait to get Kylie's room done so I can hang it up!

Then for me she got a red sweater which I will be sporting tomorrow and will try to take a picture of.  I had mentioned to her a while back that I liked red because my mom always said I looked good in it (and my mom also looked good in red).  Katelyn remembered that comment and specifically sought out a red shirt for me.  That's the kind of friend I hope to be one day.  And that shirt will always be special to me because it will always remind me of my mom.

Thank you sweet friend!  I'm so glad we are friends.  Here's to another FUN year!!!

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