Tuesday afternoon, I picked up our hot-off-the presses adoption t-shirts.  Before I show them to you, let me tell you a little bit about the design and designer.

One of the first people (if not the first) to know about our adoption plans was my friend Katelyn.  Shortly after we "went public" with the news, I knew I wanted to sell t-shirts as a fundraiser.  I went to my friend, Jamie's blog and read everything about when she was selling t-shirts for her adoption. After some research, I quickly discovered the first thing I needed was a unique design.

The minute I mentioned the idea to Katelyn, she was ON IT.  She immediately had an idea and went to work.  I'll admit, I was a little skeptical because how could you have an idea THAT quickly?  I am not kidding when I say in less than 2 hours, I had a draft.  And the final version was not very far off from the original draft.  We had some tweaking of fonts and colors, but nothing major.  And the best part?  I LOVED THE DESIGN FROM THE START.

So, without further ado, modeling her own, unique design, Katelyn!!!!

Seriously, I am in love with these shirts!

And for those of you who would like a shirt of your very own, I am selling them for $20 and all proceeds go to help with our adoption costs!  If you want to order, you can do so in person or you can click over there underneath the iPad and purchase one through Paypal.   If you are located out of town, I will ship them to you at no additional cost. 

And if you are very anxious, come on out to Christmas For A Cause which is happening tonight!  I will have plenty t-shirts there just waiting on you to pick them up.  You can be the first!

Now, if you are looking for a t-shirt printing place, I can highly recommend Dragonfly Screen Graphics.  I got a steal of a deal on these shirts and these folks are super easy to work with.  The best part?  They are local...located right here in Nashville, so you can pick the shirts right up with no additional shipping cost.  I can also let you in on a little secret that they print t-shirts for a certain VERY LARGE healthcare company in the area.  And if they are good enough for that very large company, then they are good enough for me.  If you want more information on them, let me know.  I'll put you in touch with Lucy over there and she can help you out.  There's no minimum order and she can also do out of town orders as well.

Thanks so much to you all for your support!


Christy said...

So, are they gray or black? The pictures from the phone look black, but on Katelyn it looks gray. Either way, I'm getting at least two! ;}

Sandra said...

Hey girl, they are grey. I told you the cell phone pictures were crappy. Katelyn makes them look so much better!