iPad Giveaway!

No, it isn't time quite yet, but it is certainly close!  We are currently a little over halfway to our goal of 350 tickets.  Thanksgiving week was a very slow week for ticket sales but this week and last has certainly picked up.   

Just to remind you, I'm going to be drawing the winner the morning of December 18...that's NEXT SATURDAY!  I am SO excited!  Next Saturday I'm going to be videoing the drawing of the winner and then I'll post that video to my blog by 12 noon central time.  I've lined up a special guest to help me video and draw and it's going to be super exciting!

With all that said, here are a few things you need to know:

*I am cutting off the drawing at midnight on the 17th.  Whatever is in Paypal or my hand (for those who want to enter in person) when I get out of bed on Saturday morning is it. 

*Also, if the winner is someone for whom I have a phone number, you might get a surprise phone call from me, so if you entered, be sure and keep that phone handy! 

*If you have told me you want to be entered but have not yet given me your money, remind me of this no later than next Friday night so I can enter you.  To date, I have only entered people who have given me money or used Paypal.

*My goal is to reach 350 tickets before drawing.  However, I have decided I will draw on Saturday no matter what number we land at.  Every dime over the purchase price of the iPad (no it wasn't donated...I bought it with my money) is a blessing and so we have felt led to draw regardless.

A special thanks to those of you who entered already.  So many of you have purchased and I can't tell you how humbled I am at the number of people...some total strangers...who have entered to show their support.  A bunch of you don't even care about winning the iPad...you just want to support us.  YOU are playing a part in us bringing Kylie home.  You should feel amazing about that.  I totally think you are amazing.  Each and every single one of you.  Seriously.

To those of you who have not purchased yet:  STOP RIGHT NOW and click on the Paypal link to the right and do it now.  If you don't, you will forget and miss out on the opportunity to win.

Whether you have purchased or not, would you consider doing the following: 

*Posting this on your blog to remind your readers to visit for their chance to win.
*Sharing this link on your Facebook status so your friends can enter.
*Tweeting about this so your followers will come and purchase a ticket.
*Email our blog address out to all your email contacts...

Just think, if you have 300 FB friends and only 1/2 of them purchased just ONE ticket, I would surpass my 350 ticket goal.  Please, it only takes a minute to share the news.

Thanks so much!  I can't wait for next Saturday!!!!

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