An update on Steve

With the iPad giveaway (enter now if you haven't!) and all the adoption stuff going on, I haven't said too much about Steve's studies for his new career.  A bunch of you have asked how that is going and how he is feeling after his sinus surgery, so this post is all about getting you up to speed on my beloved.  :)

First of all, Steve is, for all intents and purposes, fully recovered from his sinus surgery.  The main questions are, "Can you tell a difference?" and "Would you do it again?"  And the answer to both of those questions is "NO".  Well, he CAN tell a little bit of difference...he can tell he is more open and he rarely if ever gets stopped up (outside an allergy attack).  But in all the surgeries this man has had (major and minor), he maintains this one was by far the worst in terms of pain.  So if sinus surgery is anywhere in your future, talk to Steve...he'll be glad to give you an honest opinion of what to expect!

As to his studies...he finished the first part which was Anatomy.  It was very hard for him and he struggled with it.  He still feels like he doesn't know it well enough.  But if you ever took anatomy (which I did not), you probably know, there's a lot about the body to know.  He moved on to start the coding when he realized he was studying for the 2010 coding and obviously we are almost done with 2010, so his advisor and teacher are discussing whether he should just wait a few months and start the 2011 coding.  We are kind of hoping they do say to wait because then he would have the option to either go to class or do it online LIVE as opposed to the recorded classes he's doing now.

In the meantime, Steve has turned into quite the house husband.  I say that tongue in cheek, but y'all, I have gotten pretty addicted to having him be able to do all those things I can't do during the day because I'm working.  Go to the bank, run have documents certified, fix dinner, pick Jenna up etc.  It is very wonderful and he doesn't seem to mind.  He has also done quite a bit of volunteer work for the church also and he likes doing that and feeling useful.

Thanks for all your questions about him.  He does appreciate it.  He hopes to be finished with his school by about August of 2011.  Let's hope 2011 is our banner year.  We are certainly long overdue for one!

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