Random Monday Thoughts

For a Monday, today wasn't too bad.  I'm having quite the array of random thoughts this evening...

*I got my Christmas cards ready to go out today.  I need stamps and return address labels.  And more cards.  I always UNDER order.  You'd think I'd learn.

*I am craving some Garrett's caramel popcorn.  Too bad I'd have to fly to Chicago to get some.  I'm seriously thinking about ordering some online. 

*I ordered two new Christmas stockings off etsy and they came today.  OMG.  Love them!  One is for me.  The other is for our daughter from China.  They are both embroidered with our names.  Pictures to come soon (as well as the announcement of her name)!

*I really need to wrap some Christmas gifts.

*Speaking of things I really need to do... I need to think about finishing up my Christmas shopping.

*I have to get gas in the morning before work and that is going to be no fun in the frigid temps.

*Elfred has neglected to move almost 3 nights in a row.  YIKES.

So, happy Monday to you all.  Thank you for joining me for my random thoughts.  I promise a more coherent post later this week!

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