Update...Wednesday, November 1, 2006 (archive)

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So, I've got a few minutes before work and thought I'd update you all. ("you all"? Who all is there that actually comes to my blog???)

Anyway, Steve and I are still working through many things with the whole job issue. Being a psych major, I knew the steps to go through mentally but odd as it was, I was much slower in working through the process than Steve was. I KNEW what I had to do (you know, denial, anger, bargaining...). I somehow started with anger and I'm still working through bits and pieces even after 2 1/2 weeks. I never knew I could be as angry as I was. But I was. And I am. A little. It's getting better.

You wouldn't believe the support that we've received mostly from church members. Everything from emails that we're being prayed for to cards of business men that think they might be able to help Steve find a job. It's amazing. God has blessed us with a church family that equals none other.

Then there is the new company (this is where some of my anger still comes into play)...when Steve *thought* he had a job there, he had convinced himself that it would be a pretty decent place to work. But day after day, we continue to hear things that make us think he'd never have been happy there. And every SINGLE day there is another comment or story or lie that comes out and we've said time and again, perhaps God was saving us from a very unhappy situation. We still don't know why they did what they did to Steve. We've heard 3 different excuses but the fact is the beginning of *that* week his supervisors were told he was going to be put on X press. 2 days later, they said they weren't taking him at all. And we may never know the truth, but something happened in those 2 days. I choose to think it was the touch of the Father that made them decide otherwise and it was Him watching out for us all the time. And I had the nerve to get mad at Him and blame Him for what was happening to us. It's a wonder He didn't zap me where I sat!

We do finally have a severance agreement, albeit not yet signed. There are a few things to be cleaned up with it and soon as they are, we are set. The severance will start after his last day at the current place. The last we heard, the "formal" move will be complete in about 2 weeks, but the current employer was told, at their request, they could keep Steve on as long as they needed him. If the 2 weeks is accurate, my guess is things there will be wrapped up by year end.

Friday Steve had an interview with another local printing company that went well. It was with the owner of the company and was very short, but they'd just had an opening come available and hadn't gotten their bearings yet when Steve's resume crossed their desk (thanks to a close family member). They just wanted to know if he was interested...and of course at this point, we aren't turning anything down. They said they'd figure out where they were and what they were doing and call him in for a more formal interview "next week", which is the week we are currently in. No call as of yet, but trust me, we aren't getting our hopes up.

I think the severance is a decent one and should get us through until he finds another job. If he can go straight to another job instead of having down time, the money would help make up for the pay cut he's most likely going to have to take (about $10,000 per year) and then some. But I know the Lord will take care of us somehow. I've already started trimming the fat as they say in anticipation of hard times. We may not encounter them, but there were places where we were spending frivolously because we had it and so I cut back in some areas already. It's maybe $100-150 extra a month, but that will help.

Well, I gotta go get Jenna out of bed...time to get ready for school. More to come...

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