Good News...Bad News...Monday, October 9, 2006 (archive)

Good news...bad news...First of all, don't you hate it when you spend like 30 minutes typing a blog and then hit cancel instead of post and lose the whole thing. Yeah, been there done that.

So what I was TRYING to say was that today Steve interviewed with the new company that bought out his old one. The good news is that he is being retained by his new company and he'll be working a DAY shift! YAY! The downside is that there are no supervisory positions available, so he will go back to running a press. Running a press isn't so terrible...I mean, Steve's a good pressman, one of the best in my opinion, but it's a very labor intensive job. And through the years, his body just isn't up for that sort of intensity. But it is a smaller press to which he's been assigned, so it will be less hard on his body than a 4 or even 6 color press. Ah, the silver lining...

Also, the worst part about this is his new hours...6am to 7pm 3 days a week. Doesn't sound so bad but when's the last time you worked a 13 hour day??? It's a freaking long time to be on your feet! Alternating months he'll work M-T-W and then the next Tr-F-S. No Sundays thankfully, but that means alternating months, we'll be Daddy-less on Saturday. Of course, alternating months he'll have 2-3 weekdays off which is pretty cool I guess. It's just going to take some time to get used to. Not sure when this new schedule goes into effect. Hoping 1/1/07.

Jenna will unfortunately have to go to aftercare which is something I very dearly wanted to avoid. But we don't have much choice in the matter and in my previous blog, I said I knew it wouldn't last forever. I just thought it would last past Jenna's Kindergarten year! Jenna's gymnastics class will have to be rescheduled to a time after which I can pick her up and get her there (currently I'm working until 5pm), and ballet will have to stop after the new schedule, but that's OK with Jenna because I don't think she was going to be interested in going past Christmas anyway.

So, there are lots of things to get used to coming up, but my feeling is change is inevitable. It's not always enjoyable and sometimes it hurts, but it's to our benefit not to buck change because it just makes it harder when it comes...because it WILL come no matter how hard we try and prevent it. But we'll make it. Just give us a few months and we'll have a new schedule down.

That's all...at least for now. Thank God.

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