Summer Vacation???

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So, in the middle of November, you're probably wondering why the heck my blog is titled Summer Vacation...well...

Last Sunday evening, I went to take Jenna Grace to preschool choir at the church. Normally, for this hour I sit around and read in the library or talk to other parents who have no where to be. But this particular night, there was an informational meeting going on regarding a mission trip that the church was doing to Thailand in June 2007. I had nothing better to do so I figured I'd go listen to what they were talking about. Turns out every year there's this big conference of sorts for all the international missionaries. It's kind of like their continuing ed program...they are mostly US citizens who are stationed as missionaries in all parts of the world. They come to this conference every year, bring their kids who do VBS and field trips all day while their parents are in conference and just have a good ole time speaking nothing but English all day! Anwyay, this year, the conference is in Thailand and BBC has been asked to host. Which means our senior pastor and choir director will go to lead the worship portion of the conference. It also means BBC needs 100+ volunteers to go to run the children's VBS and field trips. Pretty cool for a mission trip, huh? But you know, I'm not interested in mission trips. I did my fill of those things in the youth. I've never felt called to go on anything like this.

Until now.


I have to tell you, I was on the edge of my seat during this meeting and I mean, come on, it was an informational meeting, it wasn't like it was big entertainment value, but I couldn't quit taking notes and listening intently. What the heck? What's gotten into me? Who knows...but, I am seriously considering going. Some won't understand that and that's fine, but barring any unforeseen circumstances, I think I will go. Depending on Steve's job situation (which is still up in the air), we may both go and take Jenna Grace with us. Talk about an awesome teaching opportunity for her...wow. Nothing is decided yet. We are both praying about it and asking God to lead us in the right direction and I know He will.

Now, for the update on Steve...he has 130 interviews tomorrow. Yep, you heard right...130 interviews. Not really interviews, but the church has a group of Christian executives, business owners and CEOs that meet for devotional every Friday morning. One of the guys in our Sunday School class invited Steve to come as his guest this Friday. He'll introduce Steve, give a quick run down of what's happened and then give Steve a minute to say a few sentences about what he'd like to do. Steve's taking about 15 resumes with him and hanging around after the meeting giving these fellas time to chat with him. Talk about some kind of networking! Nothing may come of it, but having 130+ business leaders in the community with your resume and keeping their ear to the ground for you HAS to be a good thing right?

Also, this weekend, I've been invited to go to Monterey, TN for a training retreat with the church. It was kind of last minute, but it's all expenses paid and of course a weekend targeted just for training to be a PLACE counselor and Connection Coach, so I think it will be a very good thing for me. It's at a quaint bed and breakfast about 30 minutes past Lebanon/Watertown, and we have some free time, so I'm taking way more books and magazines than I'd ever have time to read. Sure will miss my hubby and baby girl though!

OK, enough...you'll have a break from me for a weekend. I'll be back Sunday night or Monday to let you know I survived!

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The Millsaps said...

WOW! What a blog update. I hope Steve's "interviews" go well and that you have a fabulous time on your "last minute" trip. I am praying for you guys all around.