Things I despise Sunday, October 15, 2006 (archive)

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Of all the things in this world I despise, the top one is when my child or husband is sick. Much like a man, when it comes to them and their illnesses, I just want to "fix" it. Your knee is scraped? Fine. Antiseptic wash, neosporin, a Hello Kitty band-aid and a kiss and it's all good. You have a headache? Here's two Tylenol. This I can handle. Pain from a kidney stone (that Tylenol could NEVER touch) or high fevers/flu are things I can't "fix" and I despise when they rear their ugly faces with my loved ones.

What brings all this on? Well, after a relaxing (somewhat) weekend with my girl friends from church at a Mom-Time Getaway, I come home to a happy, boisterous 5 year old and relieved husband! Last night, I happened to touch Jenna and she's burning up. I thought it was from playing hard, but a few minutes of sitting down and she's still hot. And it's dry hot, not like sweaty hot. I took her temp...102.5. Geez. We started pumping in the Tylenol every four hours, but by morning the fever is still hanging on. It did get down to about 100.3, but it's spiked to 103.3 and now is just at 102.7.

The doctor on call says keep doing what we are doing, but it doesn't feel like enough. I need to "fix" it. But all I can do is make sure she's comfortable, keep tabs on her temp and watch the clock for the next time to take Tylenol/Advil.

Tomorrow is her last day of Fall Break and I'm sure we'll spend it in the doctor's office as opposed to the park or with our friends Kylene and Mady as planned. :( Hopefully the night will be peaceful and morning will bring a healthier Jenna...

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