Now we know...Wednesday, October 18, 2006 (archive)

Now we know...
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Well, we finally took Jenna to the doctor today. After a weekend of up and down temperatures (normal to as high as 104.4), tentative diagnoses of cold, strep and hand-foot-mouth disease, we have the "final answer". And I feel like a moron for not guessing it sooner...SINUS INFECTION. DUH!

Anyone who knows me and my family history knows that sinus infections are a way of life with the Jett family. So it's a wonder that I didn't recognize it sooner, however, besides the fever the only other symptom she had was headache, which I erroneously attributed to the fever. She had none of the symptoms such as stuffy nose, croupy cough or congestion in her chest. The doctor (my hero...Dr. Keown) said her headaches probably weren't a result of the fever, but a symptom of the infection. At any rate, we are on antibiotics (Amoxycillan) and we should be good in about a week! :)

And so it goes...at least we have an answer...and a "fix". And Jenna has been feeling better since yesterday too. She was a little tired tonight, but she didn't get a nap due to the midday doctor's appointment, so she was due.

Thanks for all your concerns...I am so thankful she's feeling better. One of the worst things to deal with as a parent is the worry that accompanies a sick child. I'm glad it's over. Now I can concentrate on more important things...

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