Life Changes Tuesday, September 26, 2006 (archive)

Life Changes... Well, there was bad news all around yesterday. First, Steve called and said his company, more specifically, HIS AREA of the company, had been sold to a local printing company to turn MLSP into simply a publishing business (no printing). Thanks alot.

After 23 years with MLSP, the company is being split and Steve's portion is going to (thankfully!) a local printing company. The bad news is that obviously, all the jobs are up in the air now. With Steve being a pressroom supervisor, most likely the new place already has their own in place. He most likely will be put back to a press operator (though they are promising no pay cuts) for 12-13 hour days and possible night shift. None of those options sound particularly encouraging to either of us, because right now, he's allowed to work 6am to 2:30pm which gives him the ability to pick Jenna up from school by 3:00 preventing her from having to go to after-care which was a big deal to me. I don't want her in aftercare. I want her home with a parent in the afternoons. Just a personal preference...but a strong one none the less. Unfortunately, I'm pretty certain my job doesn't have that kind of flexibility and even if it did, if he's working at 6am and I am too, then who is going to get Jenna to school? It's a lose/lose situation here.
And speaking of my job, there are most certainly layoffs in our future as well. Just something else to worry about.

Honestly, I knew the 6-2:30 thing wouldn't work forever. I mean, things change...LIFE changes. And with it, we too have to change, right? Otherwise, we'd never learn to grow and adapt. And I can rest assured that Jenna will be watching us to see how we react to these life changes and we have to be sure that we show her how a Christian, one who truly believes God is in control, reacts.

I don't know exactly what our future holds, but I am certain of Who holds our future. And whatever He decides is best, will happen and we have the choice to accept it, ask for His peace to give us comfort or buck it all the way probably making life harder for us than it is now.

Don't think we haven't wondered what will happen if he's not retained with the new company and is out of job (at age 47 and after 23 years with the company)...and the answer is...We don't know. I don't know what will happen...perhaps he will be a part time stay at home dad. We'd certainly have to really tighten our belts here...there would be no more luxuries like DVRs and 150,000 cable channels! It would be rough because honestly, we do enjoy our luxuries! And we might not be able to afford that, but we'll figure it out. We are looking to the Father for the guideance we don't have. Looking for Him to lead us in the right direction...He promises in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a future. (caps mine).

We'll keep you posted!

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