Lighting of the Green

Back after Thanksgiving (11/29 to be exact), Jenna was able to sing in the 4th grade chorus in the Lipscomb University annual Lighting of the Green.

The famous Amy Grant always MCs and sings.  Honestly, we have never been before, but it was an awesome night.  We sat pretty far away, but I was able to clearly see Jenna when it was her turn to sing.
Do you see her?  Right there on the front row in her Christmas dress!  Unfortunately, she didn't get to meet Amy Grant and tell her she sang her song in the talent show, but the whole thing was still pretty cool!
There were other special singing guests too...Point of Grace was there and they were amazing!
And then there was Melinda Doolittle from American Idol.  She was amazing too!  I just loved listening to all these talented artists!

It was bitterly cold outside and rainy, so the festivities were inside, thank goodness.  But they did go ahead and light the tree.  It was an amazing experience!

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