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So I'm getting quite a few questions about how we are doing the iPad drawing.  I guess I could just link you to the original blog, but I figured if you popped in this way, then you'd probably just as soon read it here.  You've come to the right place...thought a Q&A might be the quickest way for you to find the answer you might be looking for...

Q1.  Is the drawing going to happen?
A1.  YES!  We have enough entries.  No refunds this time!!!  Stick around on Saturday...it'll be fun and worth it!  I'll video me and a special guest drawing the winner!

Q2.  Why are you doing this?
A2.  We are doing this as a fundraiser for our adoption.  We have about $8000 of travel expenses yet to raise.  If I don't have the money ready to go when our final travel approval comes in from China, then we won't be able to go until we have the money.  I cannot fathom knowing we could leave any day, but can't because the money just isn't there. 

Q3.  Is the iPad donated?  Is it new?  Where did you get it?
A3.  No, the iPad most definitely is NOT donated.  I am buying it.  It will be BRAND new.  I'm most likely going to purchase it from my favorite store in the world...Target.  It'll be new, in the package, never opened.  If you'd like to donate the money just for the ipad, then feel free.  I'll give you a special mention in my winner blog post!  :)

Q4.  How do I enter to win?  What is the deadline?
A4.  Entries are 1 for $10 or 3 for $25*.  You can write me a personal check, send me cash or the easiest is to use Paypal which can be reached by clicking over there ------> on the picture of the iPad.  You can get free entries by blogging about it, posting it on your Facebook or Tweeting about it.  And if someone enters to win and tells me you sent them, well, that's ANOTHER free entry for you.  So it pays to tell your friends.  But time is running out...the drawing will be Saturday morning the 17th.  I plan to draw about 8:30am and will have the winner posted by noon the same day.  So you can enter as late as the wee hours of the morning on the 17th, but I wouldn't recommend waiting.  :)

Q5.  If I don't live in town, can I still enter?
A5.  Of course!  If you win and don't live in town, I will ship it to you insured.  My cost.

Q6.  What are the odds of winning?
A6.  Ooooh, good question!  I can't tell you exactly what the odds are because technically (I didn't do well in stats BTW), it depends on how many times you are entered.  But right now, I'll tell you, we have less than 200 entries.  So as my friend Stacey said on her blog, those are pretty darn good odds.  Probably better than anywhere else.  But, there can only be 1 winner.  And it could be the person who bought $100 worth of entries, blogged, tweeted and FB'd about it, or it could be the person who bought ONE entry and that's it.   That's the gamble.

Q7.  Why can't I just wait until next year to enter the next drawing you have?
A7.  Because there's not going to be another.  After I close this fundraiser, I'm done with fundraising and trusting God is going to show up.  So do it now.  Don't miss out.

Q8.  I've already got an iPad and really don't need another.  Is there another way to support you?
A8.  Yes!  I still have a bunch of t-shirts left (see the picture in the right sidebar).  Or you can make a cash/check donation if you prefer.  :)

So let's do this...you have just a few more days...spread the word!!!

**Note: Purchase is not required for entry. Tickets are by donation only. If you wish to enter and do not want to purchase a ticket, put your request in writing to the email address above. Limit 1.

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