It's a PAR-TAY!

Last Friday was Jenna's school Christmas party.  The kids had snacks...the cutest donuts ever!  And they were Krispy Kreme!
One of the other room moms got the games together and she did a great job!  The first game was to take a gumball in a spoon and put it in a stocking. 
Jenna's group won that one!  They were so excited, but it was harder than it looked so they weren't really anxious to play it again!
The next game was a snowball toss.  The "snowball" was really a marshmallow wrapped in saran wrap. The kids really liked this one but Jenna's team didn't do so well but they all had a good time anyway.
The kids all had a good time and after they got to leave for Christmas break!  What could be better????

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