Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve had traditionally been a time for our family and the Millsaps to get together.  However, this year, we learned there are more than just our families who have nothing to do on Christmas Eve.  So, we decided to open it up to whoever.  Both of us spent a grand majority of our Saturday in the kitchen.  In the end, I don't think either of us took pictures, but I did hijack one of the dessert table from my friend Katie's Facebook (thanks Katie!)
But before the fun, we had the most wonderful Christmas Eve service at Station Hill.  I love these people.  They have truly become like family to me.

Our pastor, Jay, gave a great message and it was a nice time of rest and reflection which was needed after the craziness of my day.
My favorite part of the Christmas Eve service is always the candlelight part.  Love it!
There is nothing better than a candlelight service to make you slow down and remember what the season is REALLY all about.

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