It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

The decorating has begun at the Taylor household!  Jenna has her own Christmas tree that we bought last year.  She didn't put as many ornaments on it this year as she did last year.

After Christmas last year, my friend Katelyn found these on Dayspring.  They were $60 regularly.  We watched them for weeks after to see if they would go on sale.
Finally, they went on sale for like 50-60% and both Katelyn and I snapped up a set.  I never even opened the box when they arrived...just stowed them away for next year.  I got them out this year and they looked so great.  Except I had no candles to go in them.  So they really didn't look right.  One day last week I came home and found this:
Steve was out and found these lights which change colors!  They look so good and I love them!!!

So, tonight...we had a Lifegroup social.  As part of our social, we all watched The Nativity.  First, let me say, if you have not ever seen The Nativity, you need to see it.  It's a fairly accurate Biblical portrayal of the birth story of the Jesus child.

In the middle of the movie, we were interrupted with this:
There were carolers in the house!!!  They weren't strangers of course.  Most of them are dear, dear friends.  You'll notice my friend Elizabeth and her daughter Wylie and husband brother.  They've been featured here on my blog before.  Most all of the others are close friends as well.  And they all are really good singers!  It seriously sounded SO good.  It was probably about the coolest thing that I've ever had the pleasure of being part of.  They have their own Lifegroup and they knew we'd be upstairs watching the movie, so we never heard them come in the front door or gather in the lawn.  It was just SUPER COOL.  Thank you guys...seriously, that was the neatest thing...you just had to be there to hear it.

So, yeah, it's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas around these parts!!!

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