Adoption Update-A Long Time Coming

Well, I wish there was more exciting news to share, but basically, we are still waiting on paperwork to arrive from China.

We are currently waiting on what is called the LOA or LSC.  Here's the definition I pulled from  Courtney's wonderful websiteOfficial approval from the CCCWA to adopt your specific child. You must sign this letter in order to accept the referral. It takes anywhere from 2-4 months to receive LOA.  After your dossier has been sent to China and you have accepted your referral, you will wait for your Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC), or Letter of Acceptance (LOA). Most people call it the LOA. You cannot proceed with your adoption until China sends the LOA, which is your official approval from the CCAA to adopt your child.

So 2-4 months.  When we first submitted our request for LOA, our agency said 70-90 days.  At or around day 100, our agency decided to check and see what was going on.  And it was shortly after that we found out our LOA was essentially... stuck in translation.  I kid you not.  We also found out that it didn't even get put in the review process until late due to our transfer of agencies. 

From what I understand, there are 3 steps to the LOA process...translation, in process and matching.  Each step takes several weeks.  We have now waited more than 4 months.  A couple weeks ago, our agency called and said we were out of translation and processed and was on it's way!  I was so excited!  And then one day passed.  Two days...three...finally, the word came back that apparently the information my agency got was bad and so it really WASN'T on its way.  In fact, it was just now out of translation and into the next room...so looking like another 4-6 weeks of waiting.

My agency is really doing all it can to check up on the status and move us along in the process.  But there's just not much they can do.

So we wait.  It's all we can do.  It stinks.  But God has the Master Plan and I have to trust.  I also stink at that.  But I'm working on it.  God's giving me plenty of time to perfect it.

That's the update.  Which is to say, there isn't much of one.  But you'll be the first (well, maybe 2nd...) to know when there is!!

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Julie said...

I've been wondering about you Friend. I know you are so tired of waiting. Praying for you while you wait :)