A Family Christmas

The Friday before Christmas we got together with my side of the family to celebrate Christmas.  The afternoon started out with our celebration with Bertie (better know as Nana to Jenna).
It was a good time and we all exchanged nice gifts.  We bot Nana a picture frame with a picture of Jenna in it holding Kylie's picture.  I thought it was pretty neat myself.
Jenna got the cutest little outfit from Nana and she loved it so much she decided to switch clothes right then.  Isn't it cute?

After we finished there, we all loaded up and went to my sister, Teresa's house.  I don't know why we don't get together more often because we always enjoy each others' company.  Jenna especially enjoys hanging out with her cousin Garrett who is about 2 weeks older than her!
We had a really nice spread but somehow I didn't get a picture of it.  The kids only exchanged gifts, but they were pretty excited about it.

Jenna realy enjoyed her fashion gifts.  She told a friend she was having a "fashion frenzy!"...here are a few of the cute outfits...

Now the next photo is probably my favorite one from the entire season because it captures the pure, raw emotion of the moment.  A little background is that Jenna loves clothes from Justice.  We got several catalogs in the mail of which she would patiently go through and circle things she wanted.  One day I got a text on the road with pictures of hats from Justice from my sister and niece to see if Jenna would like either.  I picked the one I thought she would like best.  When I got home, I took a quick glance in the most recently marked catalog and found she had circled that EXACT hat!  So, imagine her surprise when she opened it up this weekend...well, nevermind...you don't have to imagine because I captured it here...
It was a great time for sure.  The two kids ran around like crazy and had such a good time.  Because, let's be honest, there's nothing quite like family!

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