Let's Bowl Let's Bowl...

Some of you may know that Steve used to bowl in a league back before he broke his hip.  The league was a church league from his sister and brother in law's church and he really enjoyed it.  It was HIS thing to do while I was out scrapbooking or whatever.

After the hip replacement, his bowling hobby was put on hold because he just could not get the strength to do it.  However, this year, he went back!  And while I missed him on Friday nights, I knew he was enjoying himself and that was worth it to me.

At the end of each league "year", there is a bowling banquet.  This year there were lots of cool door prizes and I was excited to get a shot at some of them.  Unfortunately, the kid they asked to help pick the winners out of a hat didn't have the same intention as me...

Steve did win a Cracker Barrel gift certificate which we promptly spent last weekend.  :)  But then came the awesome prizes that only the bowlers were able to be drawn for.  There was a flat screen TV, a Kindle, digital camera etc.  NICE GIFTS.  Did Jenna draw Steve's number at all?  NO.

But Steve's bowling team did come in 1st place which means we get a free trip to Memphis for him to be in the tournament with another 1st place team, so that's pretty exciting.  I'll have to blog about that when we go.  I just might see Elvis.  You never know.  :)

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