I haven't mentioned this on the blog yet, but since things are moving all of a sudden, thought I'd update my readers (all 2 of you!).

About a month ago, I got an email from a dear friend of mine, who we call Rachel VG, not to be confused with my other dear friend Rachel, who is adopting from Ethiopia.  She asked me if Steve would be interested in doing what she did.  After finding out exactly what her job entailed and about how much the position would pay, I thought it might be a good fit.  Steve went online right away and applied. 

Fast forward to last Tuesday night.  We'd heard nothing officially, only that my friend Rachel had seen a number of people interview.  Steve got an online assessment email from this company which is the next step in the process.  He filled out the online assessment (during the commercial breaks of the Biggest Loser finale!) and then we waited some more.  On Tuesday this week, he received a phone call from the corporate office wanting to set up a phone screen. 

The phone screen took place at 1:00 and the recruiter told him after that he "definitely qualified" for the job.  The next thing was that his resume would be forwarded to the hiring manager and either he'd call him in for an interview or he'd get a "thanks for applying" email.  And that it could take up to 2 weeks to hear something.

Yesterday morning (less than 24 hours later), he got a call for an in person interview! It's Friday at 11:00 central time.

While this is very good news, we are far away from landing this job.  God is working (and we hope this job is His will) but Satan is working too.  He is going to do his best to put negative thoughts in our heads, make us doubt God's provision for us and steal our peace.  I had asked for prayers from a number of people this week for the phone interview and from what Steve said, it sounds like he was perfectly calm and his answers were very good.

If you aren't a praying person, please send us positive thoughts.  But if you do believe in the power of prayer, like we do, please join us in storming the throne and asking for God's will (and our acceptance of that) in this.

More to come...

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Christy said...

We are praying! Can't wait to hear how it goes tomorrow!