Guest Blogger-Jenna!

I thought I'd shake things up today and let Jenna do a guest blog.  It seemed like a pretty good way to get her to practice writing over the summer, so I have not edited her post, but pasted it in it's entirety below.  Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Jenna I am Sandra's daughter and I'm going to say some words now my birthday was just last week, June 15th.  I went out to dinner with family and a couple of friends.  My birthday cake was a swimming pool cake we made blue jello.  We had to make two cakes because we had to make the pool deep enough so that's way we made two cakes.  I took a polly pockeet and some pieces of candy and made it a pool towel and two intertubes.  It was fun making cakes!  When we went to the restraunt, I got a book, legos, money, nail polish, and a lawn chair.

It was a good birthday!  :)

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