Birthday Dinner

On Wednesday night, we had dinner out to celebrate Jenna turning the big 1-0!  A bunch of family members came.  There were presents and cake and Jenna's favorite...CHEESE DIP!  It was great and we took a couple of her sweet friends from church.
After our delicious dinner, we had cake.  It was sad to see my pool cake decimated, but everyone said it tasted good, although no one really wanted the blue jello!

After cake, came the gifts.  The best part of the night according to Jenna!  :)  This next picture perfectly depicts the theme of the night...

MONEY!  But check out what Jenna got from my niece, Karen.  She totally made this and it is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!

It's a necklace made with little treats (some candy necklaces etc.) and dollar bills!  It was SO cute.  I'm telling you, this girl could make stuff like this and sell it online.  Seriously, the way she dolls up her gifts is unbelievable.  She's a teacher by trade and is ULTRA creative.  LOVE it.

Then, it was home again to hang out and build some lego structures.  I have learned that I really love lego building.  They aren't cheap and this birthday is the first time we've, ahem, JENNA, has gotten legos.  But I might have to invest in more of them for me! 

All in all, I think Jenna really had a good time and it was good to spend time with family and friends.

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