Jenna's birthday at home

Wednesday started off early because we had decided, rather at the last minute, to go to the strawberry patch nearby.  I'd been meaning to get out there forever, but just never did and so we went just on the tail end of the harvest.
Picking was still hard work because you are bending over and even at 8am, it was hot!  But we ended up with 5lbs of strawberries, so I think we did really well for waiting until the last minute!

Of course because it was late in the harvest, we had to go right home and fix them up.  They are SO sweet and delicious!  Jenna loves strawberries and these are the best we've had in a longgggg time.

In the midst of it all, the day before her birthday, Jenna decided she wanted a pool cake.  Well, because we are on a very limited budget right now, I was just going to bake her cake myself.  So, I started researching online and found what I thought to be a pretty simple-to-make pool cake.  So.  I gave it a shot.  I think it turned out pretty good.  What do you think?
 After the cake craziness was done, I treated Jenna to a pedicure.  When I saw I treated her, I really mean, I treated US.  :)  It was past time for me to have a pedicure and boy was it great!  Jenna really got the VIP treatment for her birthday.  The place we went was a tiny bit more expensive on mine, but less expensive on hers but the people were much nicer, so that's where we are going from now on.
And we also both tried out the new crackle nail polish.  You pick a base coat and then a top coat for the crackle and the top coat cracks to let the base coat shine through.  It's pretty neat.  I've heard it doesn't stay on as well as the regular polish, so we'll see.  Here's Jenna's color choices...
After our toes were done, we went next door to have a hair trim and a 'do for the evening activities.  Jenna chose to have a french braid.  Oddly enough, only 2 of the stylists even knew how to do a french braid although you would have thought that's a basic taught in cosmetology school.

The final product wasn't exactly perfect, but it looked cute enough and was better than what I could have done, as well it should have been since we were there an hour and it took the stylist 3 tries to get it half way decent looking.

Then it was off to pick up a few friends and to dinner.  But more on that later...

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