Deeper Still

This past weekend, I went to the last ever Deeper Still conference in Louisville, KY.  For those of you who aren't familiar, Deeper Still is a very in depth conference of 3 absolutely fabulous women speakers...Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur.

Now, I have heard Beth Moore speak in Bible Study videos and even in person, but I had not yet had the opportunity (privilege) to hear Kay or Priscilla (though I about 1/2 completed a study of hers).  Now that I've heard them, I have only one thing to say...


First of all, my dear sweet friend Rachel planned this trip as she has in the past and so I went with 15 of my closest friends from church.  And because Rachel is crazy and has turned most of us crazy too, we get to the venue about 90 minutes ahead of time in order to get seats close to the front.  Here we are waiting...see how close we are to the door?  Yes ma'am, that's the FRONT if I've ever seen it!
And then of course, being this close to the door, you'd think we'd have seats very close to the front.   Waiting outside in the 90 degree heat, I think we certainly deserve it.  Our efforts were certainly rewarded.

You have not experienced hearing any of these wonderful women speak until you have sat just a few short rows from the stage where they are standing.  And the worship...OH the worship.

The worship is just unbelievable.  There are just no words.  Let me share just a bit of what I learned.  Bear with me...

Let me preface this with just a quick tidbit of information.  When Rachel plans a trip she really plans a trip.  That girl as a GIFT.  When we all met at the designated departure place, she handed us all bags with goodies in them.  One of the goodies was a home made worship CD.  She had emailed us earlier with details on the trip and asked us to reply with our favorite worship songs and then she turned them into like the best CD ever.  My song was "How He Loves" by the David Crowder Band.

On Friday night, Kay kicked it off in talking about just how much God loves us.  Even when He doesn't work the way we think He should.  As we worshipped and I listened to Kay, I realized God was whispering to me, "Do you believe I love you?" and overwhelmingly, I felt like YES, yes I do know that.  And then He whispered, "Even if Steve doesn't get this job?"  And I said, "yes, I will still love you".  And then I heard Him ask "What if you lose your house?" and I realized that yes, I would still love Him even if He didn't solve these problems for us.  Because in the end, He loves me desperately.

The next day, Priscilla talked about taking some Sabbath time...some rest time.  For me, time in which to spend with my child, my husband and my God.

Beth talked about the different generations and how important they are to each other.  How we need women older and younger.  And I realized I really do need some mentors in my life. 

There was so much more but it's something for my heart and not this blog.  All I can say is this weekend was just what I needed.  I didn't just get filled up, I was overflowing.  And there wasn't a better group of women to share that with that the ones I was with.

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Kristie said...

You were out in my area for this. We live in Louisville. Glad you had a nice time.