Our USCIS approval letter came in the mail yesterday!!!  Of all the things that we sent the, apparently one of them was correct and we are now ready to move foward.  Later this afternoon (on my lunch break!) I will be taking a stack of papers to the County Clerk to be certified and then to the State capitol to be certified.  Once that's done (which should all be able to be done today), I'll make copies, write checks and send the whole package to our agency. 

We are paying them to courier the dossier documents to the Secretary of State and Chinese Embassy in Washington DC to be authenticated.

Once all those documents are authenticated (which takes about a week), the dossier will be on it's way to China!  We'll keep you posted when that happens!


Abby said...

Wahoo!!! Feels good when all of that is finally sent off:)

Christy said...

AAAAhhh! How exciting! Praying things from here on out are smooth sailing!

Johanna said...

Just found your blog!!! We are finishing up our home study to reach our daughter in china too!! I look forward to following your journey!