The Best Job in the World

On Sunday mornings, I work in our church's preschool area.  It started out as volunteering once a month or so just to help out because they needed so much help.

Oddly enough, they put me in a variety of ages.  Finally, I realized I wanted something more permanent so I told them I would do every other week in preschool and every other week as a front door greeter.  When I went on a permanent rotation in the preschool, they permanently assigned me to "Baby A". 

Baby A were the babies that were sitting up but not crawling yet.  After a while, the 3 or 4 babies we had began crawling and so they moved me and the babies to "Baby B".  And after a while, I got tired of trying to remember which week was my week to greet and which week was my week to be with my babies.  So I told them I'd go full time.

And I started realizing I would wake up looking forward to seeing my babies on Sunday morning.  Yes, they were MY babies now.  And then every time one of them would go from crawling to walking and move up to the Toddler room, I'd be sad.  But then when the baby that cried every time they were dropped off would reach for me when they came to class, THAT was when I knew I was in love.

I have NO IDEA where the whole love for babies came from.  Well, maybe I do.  Up until recently, I loved the babies, but I always longed for one of my own.  Now that we are adopting, I think God has filled my longing freeing me up to love these babies unconditionally.

And after a few months, we had a bunch of new babies born and they reopened Baby A and I went back.  Now, I get to hold the teeniest babies, feed them and yes, even change their diapers.  This is what my job looked like several weeks ago...

Those are my babies.  And I love them.  A LOT.  And I can't wait to see them every Sunday and I miss them when they aren't there.  And you know what?  I know that my love for these babies makes it just a tiny bit easier for their moms (and dads) to drop them off and worship.

I really DO have the best job in the world!

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