Scrapbook Weekend

Last weekend, I went on my twice annual scrapbooking weekend.  It starts at 3pm on Thursday and the big scrapbook room we set up in is open until the last person passes out at night.  Then it opens as early as the time the first person gets up in the morning.  We can stay until about 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

I always get there as close to 3pm as I can on Thursday and try to leave on Sunday around lunch.  This retreat was no different.  I got there about 3:15 and got unloaded and set up.  But after a couple hours my eye really started to bother me.  It just kept feeling a bit runny and was red.  I kept looking at it and touching it and dabbing at it.  At one point, I sent Steve this picture to ask him what he thought the problem was... (WARNING>>>IF EYEBALLS AREN'T YOUR THING, SKIP THE PIC!!!
I'm such a goofball, I know.  But totally unlike me, I ended up going to bed about 10:00 because I felt like I just needed to rest my eye (no kidding huh!?)

The next morning I woke up and thought my eye was crusted shut.  I got up, ran some warm water on a washcloth and cleaned up my poor eye.  Then I looked in the mirror to see if my eye was still as red as the night before.

Um.  Yeah.  It was pretty bad and I'll admit, I was a little worried.  I texted the photo to Steve and his response?  "Yep.  Looks bad."  Thanks honey.  It was still early (7am) and I headed out to the local walk in clinic at the request of my friend Rachel VG who assured me the clinic "did" eyes.

The clinic opened at 7:30 and I got there at 7:50.  There were 3 people in front of me.  While checking in, the lady says to me, "I assume you are here about your eye?"  I just laughed.  And then said, "Actually I have this rash..."  Anyway, they took me back and when the doctor came in, she didn't even bother shining a light or looking at my eye.  She said they'd had 3 cases of pink eye already that morning and it was either that or another infection.  Either way, they were going to treat it as aggressively as pink eye. 

I told her my eye wasn't itching or burning or feeling scratchy and that's why she thought it could be some other infection.  She said the swelling was from me messing with it so much the night before.  She sent me away with some prescription eye drops and the instructions to ice my eye when possible to reduce the swelling.

On a side note, they tested my vision which I was very interested in because the only vision test I've had since my LASIK surgery was at the LASIK office.  I was kind of wondering if my vision was as good as the LASIK office was making it out.  Turns out...IT IS.  Her comment was, "You actually have excellent vision!" 

My vision wasn't affected by the infection and she said while it was contagious, I should not worry about infecting my scrapbooking buddies unless they were touching my face or my eyes.  After picking up my prescription, I headed back.

By the end of the weekend, my eye was better, swelling gone and my other eye starting to look red.  Just as a precautionary measure, I started treating my other eye since it was highly likely I'd infected it anyway.

But despite the crazy eye-drama, the weekend was a success for me.  I finally got all caught up on Jenna's school album, got our family album current and got many of my South Africa pictures in an album.  In addition, I got 2 years' worth of vacation put into albums. 

We have another scrapbooking weekend coming up at my church.  It's not nearly as extensive as the other...just Friday and Saturday and we sleep in our own homes, but it is going to get me one step closer to being caught up.

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