The Worst Thing...

At this point in the journey, the worst thing that could happen is for either our agency, the State Department or the Chinese Embassy to find something wrong with our paperwork.  Honestly, I can't think what in the world it would be because I pored over those documents with a fine toothed comb. 

However.  As it tends to do, a delay in fact did happen.  Yesterday afternoon I got a call from our Family Coordinator who was reviewing our dossier. It appears that Steve's physical form is half original, half copy.  WHA?  I know, that's what I said.  But it looks like 1/2 of it was filled out, then a copy made, and the other half filled out and notarized.  The notary and most of the form is clearly original.  But she said the State Department sometimes will reject copies.

Now, it wouldn't be such a huge deal except for the fact that Steve's doctor's office is the most INEFFICIENT office I have ever had the displeasure of working with.  At least in terms of returning phone calls and adoption paperwork (and then what else is there?!).  It took them 2 months to get this form and the accompanying letter together.  I literally begged them to please hurry.  The LAST thing I want to do is have to ask them to do this again.

We can try and see if the form will make it through.  And so we are going for it.  Who knows what will happen.  The courier goes Friday and we'll know for sure on Friday.

So, if you are reading and are a praying person...well, even if you AREN'T a praying person, please pray for us anyway.  Please pray that we get a far-sighted State Department worker who will not notice half the form is apparently a copy.  Or that if they notice, they'll have mercy and push it through.  And if that is NOT God's will, pray that I will not have a total come-apart at the news.  I know God is in control and I know Satan will throw whatever he can to keep me from remembering that.

I'll know Friday.  And then you will too.  Please pray.

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