The Verdict

My agency family coordinator called about 9:45am this morning.  The first thing she said was that it was an "easy fix".  Praise the Lord.

Apparently, the agency typically puts a cover form on top of the documents that go to the Embassy for authentication.  This is something they have done for a while.  On the signature line, they sign on behalf of the family.  But for whatever reason, the embassy rejected our form because the signature didn't match the other documents.  Of course it didn't.  Because it wasn't us that signed it.

So, my agency scanned and emailed me the form and I signed it and overnighted it back.  They were very apologetic and I was just thrilled it wasn't anything more serious and didn't include me having to deal with doctor offices or county clerks.
That little baby was what is now going to be causing a week's delay in getting out dossier off to China.  But I have had a peace about it since Monday, so all is well.

The next steps?  They will receive this package tomorrow and will set up the courier to deliver it the Embassy on Friday.  The agency will pick up all the paperwork on Wednesday of next week and then our dossier will be ready to go to China on Friday (which is when all the China dossiers go together).

So, we are in the home stretch.  I'm not sure what happens when the dossier gets to China.  I think it has to be translated.  Not sure if there can be any potential road blocks with that, but I'm sure there can be.  I'll know more soon.

Thanks again for your prayers!

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Christy said...

Praise the Lord for "easy fixes!" Just another hump in the road that God has taken you over! Praying the road is smooth now!