Report Cards

Jenna got her report card this past Friday.  I was very proud of my girl, so thought I'd take a minute to brag.  She's been getting straight As on her report card all year, but 3rd grade is getting harder and so I knew there would be some challenges this 9 weeks.

But she came through with all As and 2 Bs!  The Bs were in Math and Reading.  The ironic thing about that is she is SUPER in both.  However, part of the reading issue is she is not able to answer questions about what she's read.  And apparently many of the kids are having the same issue because a letter came home from the teacher asking us to really work with the kids on that.

I'd love for her to get straight As, but I can see the homework getting harder, so I'm proud she maintained so many As and just slid a little to the Bs in a couple subjects!

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