The Roller Coaster

If anyone tells you that adopting is not a roller coaster ride, they are flat out lying to you.  I read a bunch of adoption blogs and I always thought things would sail right along.  I rarely saw timelines where people had trouble getting their doctor to write a letter for their adoption, or a blog where the USCIS took 3 months to process their approval.

Then we had the scare last week with the State Department.  And we made it through.  We were told they were couriering our dossier over to the Chinese Embassy in DC and they "never" have any issues there.

Well, "never" just happened.  At 8:40am, my cell rings and it's our agency.  And you have to know... I knew immediately this was not good.  Because why would the agency be calling?  My family coordinator basically tells me that the Chinese Embassy has rejected one document because a "signature doesn't match".  DO WHAT?  What does that even mean?  No one knows.  They didn't say what document or what about the signature didn't match or what it didn't match to?  We have no information.  The agency will be able to pick the documents up on Wednesday and they'll find out then what in the world is going on.  My family coordinator said she's going to the Embassy herself on Wednesday to see if she can perhaps explain the issue in question.  But it's doubtful that will make any difference.

But either way, it's going to be yet another delay.  And most likely another trip to the county clerk, the TN Secretary of State, the State Department and back to the Embassy.  It's so frustrating.  I was very excited thinking about our dossier being on it's way to China this week.  Now I'm down in the dumps wondering if it will ever get there.

And I'm wondering if I'm the ONLY person out there this happens to?  Because the blogs I read, their paperwork just sails on through.  I happen to know I'm NOT the only one this happens to because my good friend who is walking this road with me had a similar situation with her agency review of the dossier. 

Let's just pray that whatever issue with whatever document the Embassy has that it is NOT the doctor letter.  God forbid.  However, my coordinator said she re-reviewed all the documents and could not find anything close to what they are talking about.  So I guess it will just have to be a surprise.

There are days when I literally want to throw up my hands.  But that's not an option.  All in God's timing. 

So now...we wait.  Again.


Christy said...

The lady I know out here who adopted from China had a terrible time getting everything to go through. She said things went back and forth three of four times, but thought it was due to some changes they were making in requirements at the time. I didn't think I would mention it to you before in hopes things would be easier, but it does happen. Praying God is just using this to show you that HE is the one in charge. I am already praying in faith for your sweet new little angel!

Emily said...

Hang in there! I can not even imagine what you are going thru with all of this but just think about the end result makes it all worth it! Kylie is going to be one lucky girl and I know you can't wait to bring her home!