Scrapbooking time!

If you've been reading any length of time, you know there is a scrapbooking retreat I attend every March and October.  It begins on Thursday afternoon and goes until Sunday afternoon.  Well, this Thursday, I'm leaving for the spring retreat and I am SO excited!

I remember the first time I went...I went in with my big rolling cart filled to the brim with scrapbooking supplies.  Which consisted of paper, scissors, tape runner, markers and stickers.  I thought I was hot stuff with the rolling tote.  What I saw there knocked my socks off and let me know what an amateur I still was! 

There were women with multiple totes, rolling high back chairs, ott-lights and accessories piled high on their table.  I saw them using things like Cricuts, chalk, embossers, Xyrons, and all manner of things that I had no idea even existed!

I have become those women.  I load up my big rolling comfy chair and every pice of scrapbooking equipment I own and load in.  AND I LOVE IT!  I'm determined this year to get caught up.  I'm not that far behind.  I just have what's happened this year for Jenna's school album and then I think I'm all caught up in her regular book until about summer of 2010.  I want to do the South Africa album before I forget.  But I need to look back and see where I am.  Anyway, that's more than you want to know I'm sure.

Just know that this long weekend, I will be busy, NOT blogging.  Making friends and catching up.  I can't wait!

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Victoria said...

Have fun! I am so far behind and I fear I will never catch up...