Saturday Update

I am pleased to report I have enjoyed a nice leisurely Saturday.  I spent the morning straightening up the house.  Then my good friend Mindy came over and patiently taught me some tricks in Photoshop!  It's going to take me time to get the hang of it, but Mindy and I have been meaning to get together forever.  I'm so glad we finally got around to it!

Then, I updated my coupon book and set my menu for the month.  I realized I was about to miss Kroger's Mega Event so I hurried up and made my grocery list.  I totally racked up!  It took me 2 hours but I got everything we needed for the month, and more.  I spent $250, and saved $105 (31%) which was $50 under my budget.  I think we'll make a run to Costco tomorrow and finish off the stuff we need in bulk.  I love saving!

As for the adoption, still nothing from the USCIS.  I've heard it can take anywhere from a week to 2 months to get the results.  I'm really trying to forget about it and rest in God's perfect timing.  But it's always easier said than done.  So, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Well, I'm off to eat a bite of dinner.  I'm exhausted after all that shopping.  :)  Hope you enjoyed a leisurely Saturday too!

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