Happy Monday!

So, one more post about the ongoing saga with the USCIS...I finally overnighted the document I thought they wanted on Wednesday for Thursday delivery.  The operative word in that preceeding sentence is "THOUGHT".  Thursday afternoon, I got a call on my cell phone which was from the number 816.  That's all it said...nothing else.  It was a true act of God that I even answered because normally, I would not answer something like that not knowing who it was.  (Note to self:  as long as we are doing this adoption thing, I'm going to HAVE to answer my cell regardless of whether I know the caller). 

On the other end of the phone was "Officer H".  He was a super nice guy who explained to me that he didn't just need proof that the divorce was final (even thought that's EXACTLY what the request said), but they wanted the agreement that basically gave the reason for the divorce and the visitation/custody arrangements with his older kids.  He explained the reason they need it was so they can see Steve didn't abuse his ex-wife or kids and didn't have any custody/visitation restrictions.  The kicker is that the agreement has to be signed by a judge and you had to be able to see the state seal.  Ultimately, we sent two separate documents in first thing on Friday and I was hoping to hear back that it was what they needed. 

I scanned the documents and emailed them in and included a note to please call me and let me know they received it and whether it was adequate.  If it's not adequate, then Steve will have to go to the county court where his divorce was finalized and try to get the appropriate paperwork, so it could turn into a huge ordeal.  I didn't get a call at all.  I'm hoping and praying that the lack of a call meant it was what they needed and they went ahead and sent out the approval.  Since he did call right away when I sent the wrong thing.  However, I'm going to fax the documents tomorrow with the same message and hope I get some notification.

The officer was nice and said when he was getting close to approving something, he just let people fax or email in the needed documents.  I might be reading into that comment too much, but I'm hoping getting these documents was more of a formality than anything.  Guess we'll see...

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