A Valentine Day Surprise

Wanted to give you all a little glimpse into my Valentine's Day. 

I bought Steve a car charger for his iPhone and as usual, I couldn't wait to give it to him so I gave it to him yesterday.  :)  This morning I woke up to find my card and an iTunes gift certificate!  So funny!  I fully intended to lay out some steaks to thaw for dinner tonight, but didn't know if Steve would be able to fire up the grill tonight so I wanted to ask him after he got up and then have him lay them out.

Well, I forgot.  And so by the time he got home (from attending a field trip with Jenna), it was too late to lay them out to thaw.  So, this afternoon, he calls and asks me if I want to go to Chili's to eat.  He had a gift certificate from Christmas that he wanted to use.  I'll admit, I wasn't crazy about the idea because I figured the wait would be forever especially after sitting in traffic for 2 hours (which is now about the average commute time thanks to construction).  Anyway, believe it or not, I got there in about an hour and 15 minutes and there was no wait.  Steve had just sat down at the table with Jenna when I arrived.

I sat my stuff down and went to the ladies room.  When I got back, there was an iPhone car charger and an envelope from the USCIS!  I was super excited until I saw the pink paper peeking out from the envelope.

Most of you don't know what pink paper means when it comes to the USCIS.  Well, it doesn't mean an approval.  It signifies a request for information before they can move forward.  It would have been so perfect to receive the actual approval on Valentine's Day.  But they are needing confirmation of Steve's prior divorce.  .

I will tell you there is a sense of relief to at least know SOMETHING.  Even though it's not what I wanted, at least I know what to provide to move on.

So tomorrow I start trying to get the information they need so we can move forward.

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Emily said...

No fun! I so so hope and pray that the approval come soon for yall!!