Attempt 2

Phew!  After that heavy post from yesterday, here's a little lighter update on the USCIS.  On Monday, I had actually called the USCIS at the suggestion of my family coordinator at AWAA since it had been almost  month since we'd had our fingerprint appointment and no results.  I was transferred to the officer at on my account and left him a message.  As you know, Monday afternoon is when the dreaded pink sheet arrived. 

I was hoping the officer I'd left a message with would call me on Tuesday and I could ask him exactly what they needed just to be sure I got it exactly right.  My agency also called and left a message.  Neither of us received a return call on Tuesday.  At the end of the day, my family coordinator suggested, if we didn't hear back from the USCIS on Wednesday, to just go ahead and send the copy of the divorce decree as they requested.

Wednesday, there was no return call, and so I began to write the cover letter that I would send with the RFE (request for evidence) and divorce decree.  Instead of starting from scratch, I pulled up the cover letter I'd sent with the original application.  And you know what?  I'd already sent the divorce decree.  And our birth and marriage certificates! 

I contacted my agency again and they called the USCIS and miracle of all miracles, not only did an officer pick up, but MY officer!  He just said to send the decree.  So I whipped out the letter and put it in overnight delivery.  Hopefully by the time you are reading this, it will have arrived and we are praying our approval will be on it's way.

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