Today's Weigh-In

Well, today was my weigh-in at Weight Watchers...I lost exactly 1 pound and that puts me at a grand total of 14.4. I am .6 pounds away from hitting a big 15! Thanks for all the encouragement. You have no idea how it's helping.

We are about to head to bed as we still have to get up at the same time in the morning to get to the surgery center by 7:30.

Can I ask you all to pray that the stone is visible when they get ready to do the lithotripsy? If they can't see it well, they'll have to do a more invasive procedure and will only be able to get the ONE stone (there are 4-5 other large ones still in the kidney that will not pass without being blasted). If they can do the lithotripsy on the one that's lodged, they can get the others and that will be great to not have to worry about that in the near future.

Thanks to you all and I will update tomorrow afternoon just as soon as I'm' able. And I'll include a little about our parent-teacher conference then too!


clg0513 said...

good luck to you all today - i will be thinking of you all. Prayer sent up for your family and that they can get those pesky stones out.

Meredith - the Ringleader of Circus MaGuirk said...

Way to go! We're so proud of your commitment! Slowly, but surely, the pounds will come off! love you!